Spheruleus – Sundials


This year has been non-existent as far as Tessellate is concerned, as we’ve been pre-occupied with our new sister label Whitelabrecs. We didn’t want the year to pass us by without any kind of release, so we are pleased to see the return of Spheruleus, who contributed our inaugrul release ‘Cyanometry’.

Sundials is a set of four mid-length electro acoustic drones complete with a bonus image for each track. The album is a study of time and the effect of the seasons which is depicted with a different colour filter being applied to an image of some leaves, taken by the artist. The album is available as a digital only release and you can check it out by hitting play above, or clicking HERE

Press release:
“Sundials is the new digital album by British artist Spheruleus which is the only release on Tessellate Recordings in 2016 as a quiet year draws to a close. Harry Towell returns as Spheruleus after his ‘Cyanometry’ album released back in 2012 and in ‘Sundials’, his chosen theme is time.

The four rustic drones that comprise ‘Sundials’ tell the never-ending story of the changing leaves as one season passes into the next: ‘Cultivating’ opens this 37 minute journey with a slow and ghostly guitar loop as time allows the leaves to grow and flourish. Next, ‘Weathering’ depicts the turning colours of Autumn then before long, the scattering wash of drones in ‘Falling’ paint a picture of magical coloured leaves falling from the sky. To close, ‘Withering’ portrays the sad tale of bare trees, as their leaves lay trampled into the ground.

Musically ‘Sundials’ sees Spheruleus draw from all of his previous work with another pastoral theme, however these mid-length tracks lean more towards Ambient/Drone as the electro acoustic sound sources of guitar, piano, violin, harmonica and voice blur into a reflective bed of harmonic bliss.

A key part of ‘Sundials’ is the artwork which was taken by the artist: as each track passes by, the leaves will change colour.”

released 8th December 2016
Written and produced by Harry Towell
Artwork by Harry Towell