Coming soon: Sustainer – Taps

For the first time ever, we’re about to manage two physical releases in one year! Next up is a beautiful short record from Spanish artist Sustainer which features hand made packaging and a white vinyl effect CDr. To check out a preview, hit play above whilst you take a read over the press release below. This release will be up for pre-order on Wednesday 25th of November

Press release:
“Our next release is from Barcelona based artist Alex Alarcón, who has been recording as Sustainer since 2003. His work has appeared on labels such as Italic, Thinner, Enypnion and most recently the digital album ‘Radiolas’ on Room 40.
His sound is built around harmonic Ambient drones and in ‘Taps’, we are proud to present a short album of liquiform pieces which started life as tonal household objects, woven into a watery tapestry.

During the recording process, Alex searched for every resonant object in his home and found that metal, ceramic and crystal items were of particular use. These were struck with rubber-textile mallets and fed into a loop pedal via contact mics. Once these sounds and tones were collected, they were then carefully polished into fluid timbres, using various techniques.
He strived to create a record made entirely from the sounds of his environment, using his home as an instrument. He wanted to create textures that reflected the peace of home which could only be achieved there, since outdoor field recordings can be so noisy at times.

The final body of work serves as a wonderfully distant yet intimate soundtrack which is best enjoyed inside. Allow the dissolved melting pot of the various ‘taps’ to flow slowly; a viscous landscape for quiet contemplation.”

Catalog number: TSR008
Released 9th December 2015
Written and produced by Alex Alarcón
Mastering by Chris Leary, Melograf Mastering
Cover photography by Alex Alarcón
Packaging design by Harry Towell