Tessellate Recordings is part of a wider umbrella of creative projects:

The Audio Gourmet netlabel began life in 2010, specialising in the release of free 15 minute EPs, intended as a listening companion to your tea-break. The music covers many styles of experimental ambient music, with releases from artists such as Offthesky, Pleq and Damian Valles. You can also find compilations and miscellaneous digital albums on the ‘full releases’ page

The Irregular Crates blog covers all genres of experimental music from Modern Classical through to Techno and includes reviews, links, podcasts and end of year lists. A stream of recommended listening

The Grounding Sounds mixes are part of a series which invites artists, musicians and label owners to present a 1 or 2 part show of their all-time favourite records – across all genres. They are hosted on the Grounding Sounds Mixcloud page, ideal for streaming online as you work and hopefully discovering some new and diverse music along the way. The website also offers further coverage into each chosen track, including background information about the contributor

Warehouse Decay Recordings is a digital label releasing EPs that fall loosely under the various sub-genres of Deep House and Techno. The label splits its allegiance between electronic music for dancefloor play and sounds geared more towards an art aesthetic.

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