Introducing Tessellate Recordings


My name is Harry Towell and I’m from Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. As well as running the Audio Gourmet label and recording as Spheruleus, Paper Relics and The Frozen Vaults, I have decided to start another project, called Tessellate Recordings. I will still continue the Audio Gourmet label, but allow it to focus on the netlabel side of things and digital works.

Tessellate Recordings will be a highly limited edition CDr label, with the run count starting at 50 copies. There will be a digital version too for all those who miss out – but the plan is to make a collectible series of handmade physical releases. The rate of release will be slow, mainly because of the constraints of time and money. However, this way I’ll be able to give much more attention for each release in arranging reviews, promoting and organising.


The packaging for Tessellate Recordings releases will be based around recycled card cases, rubber stamps and unique photography for each individual copy. It’ll be laboriously handmade – another thing which will keep the release rate down. As an estimate at the moment, there’ll probably only be 2 or 3 of these available each year.


I’ve spent a few years learning about the music I love and following it, through the likes of social networking, blogging, listening and of course, my Audio Gourmet label. I’ve met lots of fantastic artists who have become friends and it is my wish to work with some of them in the future for Tessellate Recordings. Whether it be albums, remixes or compilations – it is my goal to work only with people who I have known for a while. I will listen to demos although I will have to be pretty strict on the kind of sound and artist I wish to release work by. This is mainly because of the slow release rate and all of the time and money I will be putting into this project.


I will run the Tessellate Recordings website like a blog, with regular updates on the progress of each release. Eventually, as and when they are released, there will be a ‘new release’ post containing a link to the label’s Bandcamp page. Here you’ll be able to stream the release in full and purchase in either limited edition CDr format or digital.

*          *          *

That’s about it for now! There’ll be some posts over the next few days/weeks, revealing the first release, including the artist announcement, early soundclips, photography and packaging ideas…