VLNA – Turquoise Threads

After a couple of weeks taking pre-orders, today we can announce that VLNA’s Turquoise Threads is out officially on Tessellate Recordings. We haven’t completely sold out just yet so there are a few remaining for grabs!

The release is our very first digipack and features photography by Peter Nejedly, sleeve design by Jonathan Lees of Hibernate and mastering by Fraser McGowan. Orders will start shipping from today!

This short, mysterious record could be best described as acoustic doom – a blend which will appeal to fans of Svarte GreinerRichard SkeltonKreng and various other records from the Miasmah catalog. The droning textures of strings, voice and guitar are joined by a bed of carefully placed electronics.

You can check out the full album by hitting play above, preview the Soundcloud sample below and take a look at the stunning packaging in the image gallery provided below


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VLNA are an anonymous pair of artists who began recording together back in 2008. The only previous glimpse of VLNA was in Volume One of our Earthtones series and now, we have the privilege of making their debut album Turquoise Threads available to the world after it lay dormant for so long. Hailing from two separate countries, they established a method of working through online communication channels and the sharing and adapting of recordings via file transfer sites. The artists behind this project had never recorded in the same room during the construction of this record and hadn’t even met until years later. 

The concept behind this work is sound-exchange and a record that could be made by any two people who had never met before in person, but communicating through different channels and producing sound as pieces of information sent back and forth. It sounds like a stream, a flux of sounds going from one end to another. 

The five tracks that make this record equate to a thick veil of atmospheric noir as the threads of adapted violin, guitar and voice intertwine. There is an aching darkness that sweeps this all too brief body of work that will appeal to fans of Svarte Greiner, Kreng and Richard Skelton.

TSR004 Various Artists – Earthtones (Out now!)

Today we can officially announce the release of the second installment of our Earthtones compilation! It’s taken us almost a year to the day to put together but we can assure you, it’s worth it! Click play above to listen or:



“Our next release on Tessellate sees the return of our on-going compilation series Earthtones. The second installment will be a similarly gargantuan 2 hour collection of tracks that cross sections the modern Ambient music scene. Earthtones Volume 2 builds our roster of far-flung international artists further with contributors from Scandinavia, Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle East.

The Earthtones series spans the internet-based contemporary ambient music scene, with a concept that helps us concentrate more on the geography that lies between each artist. In making worldwide communication easier, the internet has made it easy to forget the sheer size of our planet.

As with last time, each track feature a bonus image of the artists’ local surroundings as a sort of post card to you, the listener. Some are of local landscapes, others are personal places of interest to the respective artist. When you download the album, these images will show with the tracks when you listen to them on your laptop or mp3 player and as the tracks change, you’ll transport across the globe and back again. As the series grows, the sheer enormity of this world will be ever more apparent – all too often forgotten thanks to internet collaboration.

As usual, all funds raised will go back into the label so that we can put together more physical releases”
Released 30 March 2014
“Earthtones is dedicated to the memory of Tim David Brice who passed in January 2014. Many of the artists involved with the Earthtones project had worked with him; may he rest in peace.”

Curated by Harry Towell
Mastered by Tobias Hellkvist (www.tobiashellkvist.com)
Cover artwork by Harry Towell
Additional photography by artists unless stated otherwise

Special thanks to: Aditya, Alex, Ben, Darren H, Darren M, Darwin, Devin, Diego, Emil, Fletcher, Grzegorz, Jonathan, Jul, Julia, Katie, Kent, Marek, Matteo, Michael, Mike, Nicola A, Nicola F, Porya, René, Rezo, Stuart, Tobias, Tony, Yann

Below is a slideshow of the bonus images supplied by the artists involved, listing their location…

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TSR003 Felix Gebhard – Gone For Walks

Today sees the second physical release on Tessellate Recordings, the sister label to the Audio Gourmet netlabel. It is by German musician/artist Felix Gebhard and is entitled ‘Gone For Walks’, an audio-visual project inspired by the artist’s walks around the Wendland area, Germany.
We recently made the album available to pre-order, which have been flying out the door so far – a huge thanks to anyone that has purchased!
The package includes a CDr containing four tracks of field recordings taken along the walks, guitar improvisation and experiments using other acoustic instruments. Also included are postcards featuring photography taken in the area, with one image/postcard per track. On the reverse of each is a map of the area with a red ‘X’ of the area in which the image was taken. You can view photos of the packaging, stream the album in full as well as order the release at the link below:


In our second physical release on Tessellate Recordings, we present you with Felix Gebhard’s Gone For Walks in a limited edition run of just 100 copies. Felix Gebhard is a much travelled musician, song-writer and artist from Berlin in Germany. Since his late teens he has been playing guitar and writing music. For many years he performed as part of the now disbanded Home Of The Lame who embarked on their final tour together in 2012. Since then, Felix has been concentrating on his solo material which departs from the 3-4 minute pop songs that Home Of The Lame became renowned for, making steps towards the experimental Ambient field. Felix’s first release under his own name came out last year on our sister label Audio Gourmet, followed by a vinyl release on his own Lametunes imprint called Wise Words For Elmore Bubbles. For the latter, he embarked on a small tour playing guitar live through a series of effects pedals.Over the years Felix has primarily lived in cities, such as Hamburg, Bremen, Malmo and Stockholm. Gone For Walks is a result of time spent away from the city during trips to his mother’s house in a village in Wendland. It is a rural region by the Elbe River which sits on the former East and West Germany border. The four tracks that comprise this album are the result of pictures and sounds he collected whilst on several walks in the area. The field recordings are joined by improvised layers of instrumentation including an acoustic guitar, electric baritone guitar, electric piano, organ, synthesisers, kalimba, bowed vibes, ukulele and various percussion instruments.
Felix strived to visualise the landscape and region by focusing on small sonic and visual details along the way. There was never the intention to stereotype an urbanite’s view on agriculture and country living but somehow the record finds itself being just that.

The tracks are named after the times that certain field recordings were captured and on the physical release, these are mapped and marked with an ‘X’ on the back of a postcard containing an image from the walks. Inside a sealed and stickered envelope, you’ll find a set of four postcards (one for each track) along with a copy of the limited edition CDr. There is also a digital version available which includes bonus items.


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Felix Gebhard – Gone For Walks (Reviews)

Felix Gebhard’s new album ‘Gone For Walks’ has already received some great reviews and coverage from some of our favourite sites. We thought on the eve of the release date that it would be nice to post up a few words/thoughts from some trusted mouths/minds:

“With only his guitar for company, Gebhard leaves the city etched on the faraway skyline. The fraught tension of the city and the stress that is the rush hour commute is exchanged for a natural sanctuary. Gone For Walks takes a trip to a village in Wendland, a rural region by the Elbe River on the former East and West Germany border.”
Full review: 

Gone For Walks is the result of Felix Gebhard‘s escape from the Berlin city life into the rural region of Germany’s Elbe River, near his mother’s village house. The four pieces, titled after the particular times during which the field recordings were captured, are accompanied by layers of improvised instrumentation.The result is a perfect marriage between nature and music”
Full review: http://reviews.headphonecommute.com/2013/08/25/sound-bytes-chris-watson-jack-dangers-felix-gebhard-bruce-gilbert-and-baw/

“Berlin-based guitarist Felix Gebhard has a different approach to using environmental sounds. His recordings of the Wendland surroundings (a rural region near the Elbe River on the former East and West Germany border) provide the basic atmosphere for four ‘walks’ at different times of day. Perfect sounds for late warm summer nights!”
Full review: http://www.ambientblog.net/blog/2013-08-10/variousfieldrecordings

If for some reason you’ve missed it, you can check out ‘Gone For Walks’ by clicking HERE

Spheruleus – Clearings


Last week, Spheruleus released an album of previously unreleased works on his Bandcamp page…

“Released exclusively through the Spheruleus Bandcamp page, I present ‘Clearings’ – a collection of 12 previously unreleased works. Each piece was constructed using unused sounds on my hard-drive from the six years I have spent working with experimental music. I have seen similar things done before by other artists and I always wondered whether they found it difficult to give an album of otherwise unwanted material a coherent voice. However, once I had decided to look into doing something similar I suddenly felt liberated when gathering these misfits. Each piece reminded me of a particular time in my life; the thoughts, ideas and concepts I’d had when creating them all came flooding back.

I spent a few months editing this material and assigning it an identity based on the ‘sparks’ that had originally inspired me to make it. Most of the titles are cryptic but themes that flit in and out of ‘Clearings’ include: the sea and enormity of the ocean, a longing for a simple rural lifestyle, rainy days indoors, vast woodland areas, crumbling buildings, commuting, striving for and finding stability and even my half-baked idea of making an album about Christmas trees stood in fields, waiting for the big day!

You can expect to hear everything from lo-fi drones, passages of acoustic instruments, field recordings, vinyl and radio static drenched texture, jittery looping harmonics, percussion made from household noises, tape hiss experiments and subtle use of newer beat-driven techniques.
The finished article draws together all of these different techniques I have experimented with over the last six years and it is hoped that somehow in this variation, there lies a strength and togetherness.

I would like to dedicated the opening track ‘For Diego’ to Juan Diego B (1974-2012)”


released 16 May 2013
Written and produced by Harry Towell
Photography by Peter Nejedly”

Earthtones image gallery

Below is a gallery of the bonus images included with the Earthtones compilation. Each image was taken in the artist’s local area, to accompany their respective tracks…

You can stream/buy Earthtones by clicking ‘buy’ on the player below

Earthtones Reviews

There have been a few reviews of the Earthtones compilation go up on the web since we released it last month. Below is a link to the sites with a brief ‘blurb’ of their reviews. Click on the link to read them in full


“Earthtones carries an appropriate tagline: ‘We are from everywhere’. It is truly an international record, but it doesn’t shout it out. Earthtones is the quiet, thin layer sitting above the clouds and above the stratosphere, a heart-felt dedication to our beautiful planet Earth”
-James Catchpole, Fluid Radio


“For anyone even remotely interested in ambient music, this is a must-hear; and to anyone interested in keeping the scene going, this is a must-buy.”
Richard Allen, A Closer Listen


“Tessellate Recordings has made an impressive start with these first two releases, and it’s definitely worth spending a few bucks to help fund their future releases. Especially when these bucks also get you a compilation album like this!”
Peter Van Cooten, Ambient Blog