VLNA – Turquoise Threads (Reviews)

“Turquoise Thread IV” contains a forlorn whistle, the sound of dampened hope.  And yet, new textures keep appearing in the background, as if to say, notice, notice.  As long as music is being passed between the nations, there is still something to hold onto.”
Full review: 

“In this day and age, the on-line exchange is a well-known way of collaborative music-making. But I doubt if this album really could have been made by‘ANY two people who had never met before’: these two unknown (?) artists clearly share their vision on what their music should sound like.”
Full review: http://www.ambientblog.net/blog/2014-07-29/vlna-turquoise-threads

“Swirls of strings suggest an austere neoclassicism of environmental variation, while the irregular veins that run through almost all of the songs veer towards a puzzle composed of flickering electro-acoustic tiles, on which an ethereal female voice oozes sleepy syllables, just above the level of perception.”
Full review: http://musicwontsaveyou.com/2014/07/11/vlna-turquoise-threads/

If for some reason you’ve missed it, you can check out ‘Turquoise Threads’ by clicking HERE

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