Felix Gebhard’s new album ‘Gone For Walks’ has already received some great reviews and coverage from some of our favourite sites. We thought on the eve of the release date that it would be nice to post up a few words/thoughts from some trusted mouths/minds:

“With only his guitar for company, Gebhard leaves the city etched on the faraway skyline. The fraught tension of the city and the stress that is the rush hour commute is exchanged for a natural sanctuary. Gone For Walks takes a trip to a village in Wendland, a rural region by the Elbe River on the former East and West Germany border.”
Full review: 

Gone For Walks is the result of Felix Gebhard‘s escape from the Berlin city life into the rural region of Germany’s Elbe River, near his mother’s village house. The four pieces, titled after the particular times during which the field recordings were captured, are accompanied by layers of improvised instrumentation.The result is a perfect marriage between nature and music”
Full review: http://reviews.headphonecommute.com/2013/08/25/sound-bytes-chris-watson-jack-dangers-felix-gebhard-bruce-gilbert-and-baw/

“Berlin-based guitarist Felix Gebhard has a different approach to using environmental sounds. His recordings of the Wendland surroundings (a rural region near the Elbe River on the former East and West Germany border) provide the basic atmosphere for four ‘walks’ at different times of day. Perfect sounds for late warm summer nights!”
Full review: http://www.ambientblog.net/blog/2013-08-10/variousfieldrecordings

If for some reason you’ve missed it, you can check out ‘Gone For Walks’ by clicking HERE

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