Spheruleus – Clearings


Last week, Spheruleus released an album of previously unreleased works on his Bandcamp page…

“Released exclusively through the Spheruleus Bandcamp page, I present ‘Clearings’ – a collection of 12 previously unreleased works. Each piece was constructed using unused sounds on my hard-drive from the six years I have spent working with experimental music. I have seen similar things done before by other artists and I always wondered whether they found it difficult to give an album of otherwise unwanted material a coherent voice. However, once I had decided to look into doing something similar I suddenly felt liberated when gathering these misfits. Each piece reminded me of a particular time in my life; the thoughts, ideas and concepts I’d had when creating them all came flooding back.

I spent a few months editing this material and assigning it an identity based on the ‘sparks’ that had originally inspired me to make it. Most of the titles are cryptic but themes that flit in and out of ‘Clearings’ include: the sea and enormity of the ocean, a longing for a simple rural lifestyle, rainy days indoors, vast woodland areas, crumbling buildings, commuting, striving for and finding stability and even my half-baked idea of making an album about Christmas trees stood in fields, waiting for the big day!

You can expect to hear everything from lo-fi drones, passages of acoustic instruments, field recordings, vinyl and radio static drenched texture, jittery looping harmonics, percussion made from household noises, tape hiss experiments and subtle use of newer beat-driven techniques.
The finished article draws together all of these different techniques I have experimented with over the last six years and it is hoped that somehow in this variation, there lies a strength and togetherness.

I would like to dedicated the opening track ‘For Diego’ to Juan Diego B (1974-2012)”


released 16 May 2013
Written and produced by Harry Towell
Photography by Peter Nejedly”

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