There have been a few reviews of the Earthtones compilation go up on the web since we released it last month. Below is a link to the sites with a brief ‘blurb’ of their reviews. Click on the link to read them in full


“Earthtones carries an appropriate tagline: ‘We are from everywhere’. It is truly an international record, but it doesn’t shout it out. Earthtones is the quiet, thin layer sitting above the clouds and above the stratosphere, a heart-felt dedication to our beautiful planet Earth”
-James Catchpole, Fluid Radio


“For anyone even remotely interested in ambient music, this is a must-hear; and to anyone interested in keeping the scene going, this is a must-buy.”
Richard Allen, A Closer Listen


“Tessellate Recordings has made an impressive start with these first two releases, and it’s definitely worth spending a few bucks to help fund their future releases. Especially when these bucks also get you a compilation album like this!”
Peter Van Cooten, Ambient Blog

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