Curtains (a vinyl-only mixtape by Spheruleus)

To coincide with his new album for Tessellate Recordings, Spheruleus has put together a vinyl-only mixtape spanning several laid-back genres including folk, drone and modern classical to name but a few. The mix naturally retains much of the crackle and pop that you’d expect from a vinyl mix and at times, you can hear the vaguest attempt at turntablism!

01. Gareth Hardwick – Sunday Afternoon [Low Point]
02. Richard Skelton – Pariah [Type]
03. Vashti Bunyan – Rose Hip November [Dicristina Stair Builders]
04. The A.Lords – Things Near and Far [Rif Mountain]
05. Keith Freund – The Ortzi [Experimedia]
06. Colorlist – Coming Into Sight [Serein]
07. The William Calson Experience – Alaska [Dorje]
08. Field Rotation – Regenzeit [Denovali]
09. Vieo Abiungo – Drowsy Salted Morning [Lost Tribe Sound]
10. Greg Haines & Wouter Van Veldhoven – On Buildings [Eat This Media]
11. Puzzle Muteson – Keyhole [Bedroom Community]
12. Andres Krause – Untitled [Streamline]
13. Loren Connors – Mother and Son [Enabling Works]
14. Michael Tanner and Sharron Kraus – Valley 3 [Morc]
15. Wil Bolton – Clearing [Hibernate]
16. Williamette – Avenue Heights, Carouselled Horse [Own]
17. Tiago Sousa & Joao Correia – Movimento [Humming Conch]
18. Donato Wharton – Breath Held [Serein]
19. Offthesky – Round Fever River [Hibernate]
20. Black Eagle Child – The Lost Button [Under The Spire]
21. Dag Rosenqvist & Simon Scott – Unknown [Low Point]
22. Pleq / Hiroki Sasajima / Spheruleus – Noc / Yakan / Night [Felt]

The cover artwork is provided by Ruth Jones, a photographer based in Cambridgeshire, UK. For more information on her work, please visit

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